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:: TIPCHECK information
Technical Insulation Performance Checks
Save Money, Energy and CO2
The aim of the TIPCHECK Programme established by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation is to provide industry with a standardized, high quality thermal energy audit tool focusing on the thermal performance of technical insulation systems.

1. TIPCHECK - thermal energy auditing

TIPCHECKs evaluate insulation systems of existing facilities, planned projects or retrofits and demonstrate how more efficient insulation could:
  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment through reduced CO2 emissions

TIPCHECKs contribute to energy management systems like ISO 50001 and in addition to energy efficiency potentials can help to identify:

  • Process efficiency improvements
  • Safety risks to personnel
A TIPCHECK is not intended to be a full system analysis. However, it always tends to identify the spots bearing the highest energy saving potential and offering a rapid payback time of most often one year or even less. The scope of a typical TIPCHECK usually includes un-insulated lines, lines with damaged insulation and insulated lines.

2. TIPCHECK training - become a TIPCHECK engineer

Insulation experts of EiiF member companies can become certified TIPCHECK engineers, provided they meet the necessary requirements. In a one weeks training followed by a refresher course every three years they learn how to carry out high quality thermal energy audits according to the TIPCHECK Standard and become part of EiiF's international insulation engineering network.

Download the complete TIPCHECK brochure for more detailed information:

TIPCHECK - and all of its derivates - is a registered trademark. A TIPCHECK audit may only be carried out by certified TIPCHECK engineers. If you should notice abuse of any kind, please immediately contact the authorities and the EiiF main office at tipcheck [at] eiif.org >

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TIPCHECK Course (in English) Munich (Germany)
13-17 May 2019
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