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About the TIPCHECK Programme

The TIPCHECK Programme was implemented by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation with the aim of providing industry with tools and solutions to save energy and to reduce CO emissions by improving their technical insulation systems.

Within the framework of the TIPCHECK Programme, the EiiF offers:


1. TIPCHECK energy audits

A standardised thermal energy auditing tool, in line with EN 16247 and ISO 50002, to evaluate the performance of industrial insulation systems.

TIPCHECK stands for Technical Insulation Performance Check.

Therefore, TIPCHECKs evaluate insulation systems of existing facilities, planned projects or retrofits and demonstrate how more efficient insulation could:

  • save energy

  • save money

  • contribute to a cleaner environment through reduced CO₂ emissions

TIPCHECKs contribute to energy management systems like ISO 50001 and, in addition to energy efficiency potentials, TIPCHECKs can help to identify:

  • process efficiency improvements

  • safety risks to personnel and equipment

TIPCHECKs identify the spots bearing the highest energy saving potential and offering a rapid payback time of most often one year or even less. The scope of a typical TIPCHECK usually includes uninsulated lines, lines with damaged insulation and insulated lines.

TIPCHECKs are carried out by the EiiF and/or certified TIPCHECK engineers.


2. TIPCHECK trainings

Every year the EiiF organises qualified trainings for insulation engineers, asset owners, energy auditors, energy managers and consultants to train them how to perform standardized high-quality thermal energy audits, so-called TIPCHECKs.

The engineers passing the course get their TIPCHECK engineer certification and become TIPCHECK engineers.


3. TIPCHECK calculator

The EiiF has developed a software to calculate heat losses based on the measured surface temperatures.

Insulation materials from our member companies can easily be imported into the TIPCHECK calculator.

Certified TIPCHECK engineers receive the TIPCHECK calculator and its latest updates free of charge.

For more information on the TIPCHECK calculator and about becoming a TIPCHECK engineer please send an email to