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Training and licence fees

Training fee:

2.000 EUR (TIPCHECK engineer, assistant, scout/auditor)

1.000 EUR (TIPCHECK ambassador)

A valid EiiF Membership is required in order to join the TIPCHECK engineer, TIPCHECK assistant and TIPCHECK ambassador training courses.

Annual TIPCHECK Licence fee:

A valid EiiF Membership is required.

1.000 EUR

* What the annual licence fee for TIPCHECK engineers covers:

  • Rights of use of the registered trade mark TIPCHECK and TIPCHECK logo as well as the “TIPCHECK engineer” title

  • TIPCHECK calculator software and subsequent updates

  • Continuous support and guidance

  • Online refresher trainings organised quarterly by EiiF  

  • Random quality checks by EiiF

  • TBI-Software Annual Licence

  • New tools: TIPCHECK Creator and TIPCHECK Viewer