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Training and licence fees

TIPCHECK Expert/Corporate Expert training fee:

2.500 EUR per person per 5-day training. The training fee includes the course material, lunches, refreshments, EiiF digital tools and the annual TIPCHECK licence fee until the end of the calendar year of the training.

From the following year onwards, the TIPCHECK licence costs 1.000 EUR per year.

TIPCHECK Ambassador/workshop training fee:

1.500 EUR + EiiF trainer's travel costs for a one-day training course for your sales and marketing experts at the location of your choice. The training course is ideal for up to 12 participants. 

A valid EiiF Membership is required in order to join the TIPCHECK Expert and the TIPCHECK Ambassador training courses. Special conditions must be met in order to be trained as TIPCHECK Corporate Experts.

Online trainings, presentations and workshops

  • 500 EUR for workshops/trainings with staff only
  • 1.000 EUR for workshops/trainings with clients

Annual TIPCHECK licence fee:

A valid EiiF Membership is required.

The annual TIPCHECK Expert licence fee of 1.000 EUR covers:

  • Rights of use of the registered trademark TIPCHECK and TIPCHECK logo as well as the TIPCHECK Expert title
  • Access to EiiF Tools provided with the TIPCHECK certificate
  • Technical support and guidance
  • Participation in online training courses offered quarterly by the EiiF
  • Random quality checks by the EiiF