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The European Industrial Insulation Foundation is a European non-profit foundation registered in Switzerland.

It has been set up to promote and establish the use of industrial insulation as a widely understood and accepted means of achieving sustainability.

Since its foundation EiiF has established itself as a resource for industries that need to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.
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The results at a glance

  • The annual energy savings potential identified was more than 750.000 MWh/year (2,7 PJ/year), resulting in an estimated CO2 emission reduction potential of more than 500.000 t CO2—equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of almost 110.000 cars.
  • Based on cost savings from a reduction in energy loss, investments in industrial insulation paid back after only one or two years, and some investments paid back in less than one year, resulting in a TIPCHECK-identified cost saving potential for industry of at least € 23,5 million.
  • Three out of four (75%) industrial clients who commissioned a TIPCHECK audit have either already acted or plan to act in the near future (for example, at the next turnaround) on the recommendations of their TIPCHECK report by investing in insulation to remediate existing insulation deficiencies.

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TIPCHECK your Energy Savings Potential 
Within its TIPCHECK Programme, the EiiF carries out Thermal Energy Audits in order to quantify the amount of energy and money an industrial facility is losing with its current insulation system (including uninsulated parts). TIPCHECKs contribute to energy management systems like ISO 50001 and indicate possibilities to reduce identified energy losses. Find out more >
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Industrial insulation reduces costs and CO2 emissions. It is a proven method of driving sustainability across industry.

The European Industrial Insulation Foundation was founded in early 2009 by 12 Founding Partners.

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Energy efficiency starts with insulation

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Titeltekst Global Insulation speaks with Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler about the EiiF’s activities

in particular its effective TIPCHECK tests…
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TIPCHECK Course (in English) Munich (Germany)
13-17 May 2019
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