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The TIPCHECK TOOL is a browser-based insulation energy auditing tool, exclusive to EiiF-certified TIPCHECK Experts and included in the annual licence fee.

The average values of potential energy savings of insulation per industry sector, as defined in the EiiF Study 2021, provide the possibility to roughly estimate the potential savings of any industrial site based on its thermal energy consumption.

The inspection function of the TIPCHECK TOOL allows users to report issues of the current insulation system as well as calculate the potential energy savings per component, based on the selected insulation energy efficiency class. Inspecting a facility is the best way to identify hot spots (energy losses), safety issues and maintenance problems in the installed insulation systems.

Are you interested in the TIPCHECK Programme? 

Please visit to read more about the TIPCHECK Programme and the requirements to join our trainings. Please contact us if you have any questions about becoming an EiiF-certified TIPCHECK Expert.


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