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TIPCHECK benefits to industry

You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know

The TIPCHECK Programme delivers multiple energy and non-energy benefits to the energy user, the supply system and the economy.

In any industry, the three top operating expenses are often found to be energy (both electrical and thermal), labour and materials. If one were to assess the manageability of the cost or potential cost savings in each of the above components, energy would invariably emerge as a top ranker, and thus energy management function constitutes a strategic area for cost reduction.

However, clients are not necessarily and not always aware how much energy they are wasting, as they usually are not aware how easy and quick it is to stop the energy waste with properly insulated systems/installations.

Industrial insulation is a proven technology delivering multiple benefits. It

  • reduces energy and production costs

  • increases energy efficiency

  • reduces CO₂ emissions

  • improves process efficiency

  • reduces safety risks for personnel and equipment

  • increases competitiveness


  • 75% of TIPCHECKs lead to insulation investments

  • ~50 million EUR was the total insulation contract volume generated by 2020 from about 2.500 TIPCHECKs

  • the payback periods for the initiated TIPCHECK insulation projects were in most cases 2 years or even less.


TIPCHECK benefits to industry