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There is a significant potential for energy savings and CO2 mitigation by improving thermal insulation in industrial installations. This potential is currently untapped despite being cost-effective to implement.

EiiF provides facts and figures and publishes reports, fact sheets and studies showing that the savings potential of industrial insulation is large and exists across all regions and sectors. EiiF best practices examples also prove how insulation solutions can help industry to save energy.

To build awareness of the savings potential of industrial insulation, EiiF advocates for energy efficiency at EU and national levels, participating in roundtables and high-level meetings with decision makers, EU parliamentarians, national politicians and business leaders.

Furthermore, EiiF gives presentations and speeches at energy efficiency and industry-related conferences and exhibitions.

EiiF is also engaged in EU working groups such as IED Article 8, SFEM (Sector Forum Energy Management), EEFIG (Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group) and BREF.

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The TIPCHECK Programme was developed by EiiF in 2009. The aim of the TIPCHECK Programme is to provide industry with tools and solutions to save energy and to reduce CO2 emissions by improving technical insulation systems.

Within the framework of the TIPCHECK Programme, EiiF offers:

  • insulation energy audits

  • trainings

  • inspections

  • digital tools (e.g., TIPCHECK TOOL, TIPCHECK calculation software, TIPCHECK Creator and Viewer)

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EiiF manages the KEYMARK QAC Secretariat for Thermal Insulation Products For Buildings and Thermal Insulation Products For Industrial Applications since 2019. We are proud to be involved in the KEYMARK certification for thermal insulation products as we strongly believe that it is only when a product keeps its promise of high quality that the expected energy savings can be delivered, and that the best way to ensure the high quality is through independent third party testing

The KEYMARK is a voluntary European quality mark for products and services and it demonstrates compliance with European Standards. The KEYMARK certificate is owned by the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC and it can only be issued by empowered Certification Bodies.

Especially for consumers the KEYMARK stands for real added value, representing high, reliable product quality, tested and confirmed by an independent third party. The KEYMARK also complements CE Marking in the case of the products that are legally required to comply with the applicable directives, thus serving to boost consumer confidence throughout Europe.

Below you can see how the Quality Assurance Committee is organised - please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the KEYMARK certificate for thermal insulation products.


Organisation of the Quality Assurance Committee



Innovation, research and education play a crucial role when it comes to raising awareness of the growing, much needed benefits of insulation, as well as to developing the next generation of insulators.

We are engaged in research & education projects with universities and private partners with the aim to increase energy efficiency in industry.

Our research projects help to develop inspection and maintenance tools introducing digitization to the world of technical insulation, using infrared and 3D-technology.

Furthermore, the EiiF promotes the young generation through organizational participation in international educational competitions such us the FESI European Insulation Apprentice Championship and the allocation of scientific projects to junior scientists.

Our research project eDian, funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research with about 600.000 EUR, started in 2016 in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) and industrial partners, aiming to combine infrared technology with 3D scanning for TIPCHECK and energy-efficient insulation purposes. The eDian project was later continued in a second project called ThermoHead, changing from 3D to digital stereophotogrammetry. As the financial cost of the developed solution in ThermoHead proved to be too high, the university and EiiF, based on the eDian knowledge and experience, created an easy but effective solution for TIPCHECK engineers to illustrate and communicate the results of a TBI-Inspection or TIPCHECK audit. The tools are called TIPCHECK Creator & Viewer and they are offered free of charge for EiiF-certified TIPCHECK engineers with an active TIPCHECK licence.



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