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January 2015
2014 - a successful year for EiiF
14 new members and more than 100 TIPCHECK engineers!

2014 has been a key year in terms of achievements which have contributed to a successful development of the Foundation. The EiiF has notably increased its activities throughout Europe, building awareness on the multiple benefits of industrial insulation, especially when it comes to meeting targets on energy efficiency, energy savings and emission reductions within the European Union.

A total of 14 new members joined the EiiF in 2014. As a result, the EiiF has grown up to 57 members and more than 40 CEOs and senior managers attended the last General Assembly in Brussels in September.

Furthermore, after 12 trainings, currently offered in 3 different languages (English, French and German), we have now more than 100 certified TIPCHECK engineers helping Industry to reduce energy losses, CO2 emissions and production costs.

In fact, the first evaluation of 85 TIPCHECKs carried out until 2014 has identified energy savings of 200,000 – 400,000 MWh per year and up to 7 million euros savings. The 85 insulation audits were carried out in Europe across several energy intensive industrial sectors (i.e. chemical plants, refineries, processing plants, food and beverage, etc.). The EiiF aims to publish this year its first official TIPCHECK report which will gather all detailed information and conclusions drawn from at least 100 TIPCHECKs.

But the first evaluation already gives a positive perspective with the following findings:
  • 75%of the TIPCHECKs lead to insulation investments – in total more than 5 million EUR,
  • 140,000 EUR was the average investment in insulation to tap the TIPCHECK identified energy savings potentials,
  • The usual payback periods for these investments in insulation were 1 to 2 years.

In other words, industry can realize important energy and financial savings putting more attention to improved insulation maintenance. Yet, in the industrial sector such a potential is usually being untapped despite being cost-effective to implement. Unfortunately, industry still treats industrial insulation more like a necessary evil rather than one of the most cost-attractive Best Available Techniques (BAT). And besides all these positive aspects, this first TIPCHECK evaluation also shows that about 25% of the insulation users whose plants were TIPCHECKed refused any improvement, still accepting unnecessary energy losses and production costs.

Therefore, it is a crucial task for the EiiF to continuously highlight the energy and cost savings potential of sustainable insulation solutions with decision makers from the economic and political field. The Foundation and our supporting members are looking forward to continue and further increase this engagement in 2015.

“With this perspective in mind we want to send a big thank-you to all our members and active TIPCHECK engineers for their commitment and contribution to the successful development of the EiiF Foundation! Together with you, We Power Sustainability.”

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