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Processing line, The Netherlands
Annual savings: 885,000 kWh/a - 23,700 EUR/a
For a processing plant in The Netherlands, the same engineers from EiiF Founding Partner Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Group was asked to investigate the saving potential of applying, adjusting or improving thermal insulation on valves, flanges and steam pipes in a particular part of the plant. Aside from the heat loss potential, the engineers showed severe risks to personnel safety that the customer was not aware of.

With an availability of 6,800h per year, the calculated saving potential amounted up to about 118,400 m3 gas per year. At the clients cost of 0.20 Euro/m3, this means about 23,700 euro.

This is the same as leaving about 7.000 TV’s in standby mode, all year.

Availability6,800 h

Energy savings potential:

885,000 kWh/a

Energy cost savings potential:

23,700 EUR/a

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