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Refinery, Belgium
Annual savings: 1,370,000 kWh/a - 36,640 EUR/a
Engineers from EiiF Founding Partner Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Group were asked to perform an inspection on a refinery in Belgium. They reviewed the state of the existing insulation system and measured the heat loss over un-insulated parts.

Calculated annual saving potential: (availability 8.760 h/a)

Steam vessels1,046 GJ38,870 m3 gas
Steam vessel room58 GJ2,150 m3 gas
Steam vessel - front124 GJ4,600 m3 gas
Preparation room467 GJ17,360 m3 gas
Vessel645 GJ23,970 m3 gas
Refinery room687 GJ25,530 m3 gas
Extraction room1,314 GJ48,850 m3 gas
Drums589 GJ21,880 m3 gas
Total:4,930 GJ183,200 m3 gas

Savings potential:

1,370 MWh/a

36,640 EUR/a

With all insulation works executed, roughly 5,000 GJ of energy could be saved every year. This equals to about 325 ton CO2, the average yearly emissions of 90 private cars.

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