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Refinery Tower, Italy
Annual savings: 1,021,958 kWh/a - 75,000 EUR/a
In Italy, our Founding Partner Termisol Termica performed the following insulation efficiency audit on a refinery tower.

Better insulation cuts heat losses in half

With the maintenance work on the insulation, the choice was made to upgrade the insulation and to improve the fire-safety of the installation. The owner also used a new insulation material with a higher performance.

The result was that by improving their insulation the heat loss via the insulated surfaces could be cut in half. The new system now is not only cost-effective, but also saving energy and therefore reducing CO2 emissions:

Total annual savings:
Energy: approx. 1,021,958 kWh/a
Money (7ct/kWh): approx. 75,000 EUR/a

Industrial Insulation:
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