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Chemical plant, France
Annual savings: 12,600,000 kWh/a - 505,000 EUR/a
A TIPCHECK was performed on a refinery by EiiF Founding Partner KAEFER in France. The auditing consisted of just one employee, spending two weeks on-site and taking over 400 thermal images for the final audit report. These were the most important findings:

1. Safety

Situations were located where a high risk of burn damage exists to the personnel. In the first image, the thermographic picture shows a dangerously hot surface temperature of more than 138°C on a boiler window, situated right next to a ladder support.

Image: Regular and thermographic photo of a boiler window.

Secondly, about 30 un-insulated valves were found that not only pose a severe burn risk for personnel, but also cause a large loss of energy. Installment of matrass insulation on these parts ensures temperatures of below 50°C, which is safe to be handled by personnel wearing gloves.

Image: Regular and thermographic photo of an uninsulated valve.

2a. Energy efficiency & environment - valves

Detected energy loss on each valve:
Internal temperature:300°C
Unnecessary energy loss per hour:2.3 kW/m2h
Unnecessary energy loss per year (availability 8.760 h/a):approx. 20,000 kWh

Total saving potential for valves:
30 valves * 20,000 kWhapprox. 600,000 kWh/a

2b. Energy efficiency & environment - tanks

Also, 35 Storage tanks were found with uninsulated rooftops. The surface of these is about 28m2/tank. The temperature of liquids stored inside being 150°C, this gives the following results:
Saving potential per tank:
Internal temperature: 150 °C
Unnecessary energy loss per hour:1.4 kW/m2h
Unnecessary energy loss per year (availability 8,760 h/a):approx. 343.4 MW

Total saving potential for tanks:
rooftops of 35 tanks: approx. 12,000 MWh/a

Image: Thermographic photo of a tank.

3. Financial Gains

Total unnecessary energy loss: approx. 12,600,000 kWh/a
Total annual financial potential (4ct/kWh): approx. 505,000 EUR/a

TIPCHECK: approx. 10,000 EUR
Insulation installment and material costs: approx. 90,000 EUR
Total investment: approx. 100,000 EUR

Realised until today:
Investment costs: approx. 100,000 EUR
Financial savings first year: approx. 405,000 EUR
Financial savings following years: approx. 505,000 EUR/a

Payback time:
Time until investment is paid back (energy cost only): approx. 2.4 months

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