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Chemical plant, The Netherlands
Annual savings: 1,500,000 kWh/a - 28,651 EUR/a
The possible gains from insulating valves and other un-insulated elements of a plant that needed to remain in operation, was investigated by EiiF Founding Partner Hertel. The TIPCHECK engineers measured temperature losses of about 80 objects in 37 different positions along the production line.

In this particular case, the client requested the insulated to be improved up to his own standards. This level is most likely lower than the cost-effective level discussed throughout this study. As such, a higher savings potential could have been achieved if the cost-effective or equal-costs level of insulation was applied.

Image: Regular and thermographic photo showing dangerously high temperature surfaces

Calculated saving potential:
Annual savings:28,361 EUR/a
1,500 MWh/a
5,424 GJ/a
Calculated instalment cost:18,844 EUR
Calculated savings in year of investment:9,517 EUR
Calculated savings in following years:28,361 EUR/a

Annual savings, feedback by client:

28,651 EUR/a

Payback time:
8 months

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