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:: EiiF Member Quotes
EiiF Member Quotes
Read what members think of the EiiF

"By implementing and well-maintaining technical and industrial insulation systems, large amounts of energy can be saved, what will also reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, this is more and more a growing business opportunity, since insulation investments will be typically paid back in just one or two years whereas energy prices are most likely going to increase further." 

Dominique Frugier. Saint-Gobain Isover (Founding Partner).

"America has high stakes in scale gas and oil; the BRIC countries are focused on economic growth and have only minor environmental concerns today. Both short term strategies ignoring the important long term environmental, ecological and economic consequences. Europe however has no choice, expanding the use of renewable energy resources and drastically improving the energy efficiency is the only option. Increased awareness, enhanced political courage (and pressure) and focused research can drive Europe to a globally leading position in the long run. In this context, the EiiF as an independent foundation can play a significant role in enhancing the awareness and the consciousness of the European industry and in guiding and supporting the political decision making. Ipcom is glad to support the valuable efforts of the EiiF to improve the energy efficiency and to reduce the CO2 emissions throughout Europe."

Bernard Vercaemst. Ipcom (Premium Member).

"L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX as a leading global manufacturer of thermal elastomeric insulation products is making an impact on energy saving and reducing the greenhouse effect. Insulating materials are produced in order to save energy and to reduce CO2 emissions. Apart from household and transportation, the industry is the biggest energy-consuming sector; however, this is considered least, although the payback periods are very short. The EiiF is a strong organization which is supported by leading manufacturers of insulating material, by traders and processors.  Studies commissioned by the EiiF demonstrate the huge cost and energy savings potential of industrial insulation. This is reason enough for K-FLEX to actively support the EiiF and thus contributing to the environment and subsequently to the living conditions of future generations.

 Frank Baur. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX (Premium Member).

"By better insulation solutions, it is rather easy to gain huge energy savings and get short payback times of investments. At the same time, this means significant CO2 reductions and also work to thousands of people like installers. In the industrial sector, there have not been many actions to take a deeper look at the saving potential so far. Now EiiF has published clear results of savings by insulation solutions and started to spread the word by informing, networking and training people. We are actively participating and strongly supporting this work."

Lasse Satka. Paroc (Premium Member).

"Becker Insulation GmbH joined the EiiF right after founding the company. We are convinced that the EiiF and their strong partners are good examples for us to reinforce our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and, going along with that, the energy costs."

Uwe Becker. Becker Insulation (Member).

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