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The TIPCHECK Programme is a qualification programme for insulation engineers to become EiiF certified thermal energy auditors, so called TIPCHECK engineers.

Requirements for TIPCHECK engineers:

Upon successful completion of the training, every TIPCHECK engineer receives a TIPCHECK Certificate. After every 3 years, all TIPCHECK engineers are required to follow a refresher course to keep them up-to-date with the evolving technology.

Course content:

The initial certification course is organised as a one-week training. The contents of the training are:
  • About EiiF and Introduction to TIPCHECK
  • Insulation Materials
  • How to Measure 
  • Insulation theory
  • Thermography
  • Process technology
  • TIPCHECK calculator software
  • TIPCHECK execution 
  • Guided tour at FIW laboratories
  • EiiF Advocacy activities and EU policies
  • How to meet client’s need
  • How to write a TIPCHECK report
  • Cold insulation 
  • Simulate a TIPCHECK 
Fees for TIPCHECK certification:

Certification course + 1 year license 2.000 EUR
Annual license fee (in the following 2 years) 1.000 EUR/year
Refresher course + continued license fee for 3 years
1.000 EUR/year

TIPCHECK Quality Guidelines:

Certified TIPCHECK engineers offering the registered TIPCHECK thermal energy audit service have to follow the TIPCHECK principles and adhere to the following binding TIPCHECK guidelines:
  • TIPCHECKs shall always have their primary focus on improving thermal efficiency to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • TIPCHECK reports should indicate possibilities to reduce the identified energy losses.
  • The TIPCHECK engineer should follow the execution process as defined in this TIPCHECK Standard (see 4.1).
  • The TIPCHECK engineer, with her/his employer, is entirely responsible for the organisation and pricing of the energy audit.
  • Every TIPCHECK engineer using the trade mark TIPCHECK shall always report his full name, certification number and date of expiry.
  • The TIPCHECK engineer is obliged to communicate all TIPCHECK activities to EiiF. He is responsible that this is happening in accordance with any confidentiality agreement he may have signed with the client.
  • A TIPCHECK report with the calculated energy savings and CO2 reduction potentials shall be delivered to EiiF after finalisation of the thermal energy audit. This report should be anonymous insofar the client requests this.

Download the complete brochure:

Want to become part of the TIPCHECK team? Contact the EiiF office >
or email us directly at tipcheck [at] eiif.org

TIPCHECK - and all of its derivates - is a registered trademark. A TIPCHECK audit may only be carried out by certified TIPCHECK engineers. If you should notice abuse of any kind, please immediately contact the authorities and the EiiF main office attipcheck [at] eiif.org >

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28 September 2018
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