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:: Become a TIPCHECK engineer
Get yourself certified as a
TIPCHECK engineer

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The TIPCHECK Programme is a qualification programme for insulation engineers to become EiiF certified thermal energy auditors, so called TIPCHECK engineers.

Requirements & Titles:


5 day Training schedule
Monday to Friday

FIW München Laboratories
Lochhamer Schlag 4
D-82166 Gräfelfing, GERMANY

Training fee
2’000 EUR (TIPCHECK engineer, assistant, scout/auditor)
1’000 EUR (TIPCHECK ambassador)*

* The TIPCHECK ambassador participation is limited to sales and
marketing specialists of EiiF member companies who are joining
the training together with one or more engineers from the same
department / company.

Course Curriculum:

1. About EiiF and TIPCHECK

2. TIPCHECK training & simulation

» TIPCHECK marketing & sales
» TIPCHECK execution and project management (EN 16247/ISO 50002)
» How to measure (incl. an introduction to thermography)
» How to calculate heat losses with the TIPCHECK calculator software
» Rules of Thumb to quickly estimate saving potentials
» How to write and present a TIPCHECK report

3. TIPCHECK insulation theory

» Thermal conductivity and basic principles of heat loss calculations
» Insulation materials and their application (overview)
» Processes & components offering saving potentials

4. Guided tour: FIW München laboratories

Download the complete brochure:

Want to become part of the TIPCHECK team? Contact the EiiF office >
or email us directly at tipcheck [at] eiif.org

TIPCHECK - and all of its derivates - is a registered trademark. A TIPCHECK audit may only be carried out by certified TIPCHECK engineers. If you should notice abuse of any kind, please immediately contact the authorities and the EiiF main office at tipcheck [at] eiif.org >

:: News
Titeltekst Global Insulation speaks with Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler about the EiiF’s activities

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:: Agenda
TIPCHECK Course (in English) Munich (Germany)
13-17 May 2019
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Avenue du Mont-Blanc 33
1196 Gland, Switzerland
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