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EiiF joins the B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency

B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency
22 Jan 2021

EiiF joins the B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency

EiiF Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler has been invited to join the B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency.

The Task Force is led by Francesco Starace CEO & General Manager Enel Group and is co-chaired by Patricia Collawn from PNM Resources, Herbert Diess from Volkswagen, Jean-Pascal Tricoire from Schneider Electric, Sergio Affronti from YPF and Shri Gurdeep Singh from NTPC.

In a first online meeting today, the 121 members of the Task Force coming from 21 countries, representing 71 companies of which 31 have a turnaround of more than 10B€, discussed the general working topics for the coming year and its objectives until the beginning of October 2021. The three key objectives of the B20 Task Forces are to represent the interests of the business community vis-à-vis the G20, support the G20 with impactful and differentiated policy recommendations and to foster the dialogue between the public and private sector at G20 level and with international organisations and institutions. Today in the Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency a successful international collaboration, increased efforts in a digitalised infrastructure as well as a clean energy transition were highlighted as main steps forward besides an increased energy and resource efficiency.

About B20

On December 1, Italy took over the presidency of the G20, the most important forum for international collaboration between industrialised economies and emerging countries. In parallel, Confindustria, as the representative organisation of Italian industries, was asked to organise the G20 Business Summit (B20 -, the most influential of the official Engagement Groups established by the G20. Exclusively for companies and their representative organisations, the B20 is yearly attended by over 1,000 delegations from the G20 countries which put together about 3,000 participants in total, representing a business community of over 6.5 million companies including all the major global corporations. The main goal of the B20 is to formulate policy recommendations to the current G20 Presidency on a wide range of sectors of interest to the global industrial system. With the crisis that hit the world economy following the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition of the B20 assumes particular importance.