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Why TBI?

Despite the evidence from various reports and studies, e.g. the EiiF Study 2021 and the fact that insulation systems are cost-effective to install, the significant potential for energy savings and COmitigation still remains untapped.

The TBI-Tools were created to respond to the needs of today's industry, using digital technology. The TBI-Tools were built to facilitate and simplify the insulation inspection process as well as to encourage the installation or the improvement of insulation systems.

The TBI-Tools are:

  •       Secure your data will only be stored locally on your device

  •       User-friendlyall you need to carry out a TBI-Inspection is your mobile phone or your tablet

  •       Fastyou get instant results showing the current situation and the savings potential

  •       Customizablethe TBI-Software tool lets you create professional TBI-Reports with your own corporate logo and contact details

The TBI-Tools comprise:

  •       The TBI-Appan easy-to-use insulation self-inspection and reporting tool for anyone who wants to very quickly check and estimate how much energy and money saving potential a technical insulation system has to offer

  • The TBI-Software -  a browser based software which will let you manage and back up your projects as well as generate TBI-Reports

  • The TBI-Report In a user-friendly PDF file format, the TBI-Report is a customizable, comprehensive analysis of the current situation and the savings potential based on the results of the TBI-Inspection, built in a way that complies with the specifications of ISO 50001​​​