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About TBI


TBI is an easy-to-use insulation self-inspection and reporting App. Developed for tablets and smartphones (Android/iOS), it enables anyone to very quickly check the performance of an insulation system. Furthermore, TBI calculates how much energy saving potential an existing technical insulation system has to offer.

  • TBI-App - Easy (for free)
    The free version of the App is best for anyone who from time to time wants to inspect the insulation performance of single components.
  • TBI-App - Pro (annual fees apply)
    The professional TBI-App offers unlimited reporting of different components and safety or maintenance issues and delivers results in a detailed summary table. This version is for anyone who wants to do a quick reporting about the insulation performance of his heating and cooling system, production line or process.
  • TBI-Administrator - Pro (annual fees apply)
    The TBI-Administrator software helps Energy auditors, Energy-, Maintenance- or Safety- Managers and other leading personnel to administer most effectively the data collected with the TBI-App. It’s built to structure and define projects, give priorities and to support existing safety, maintenance and energy efficiency plans and actions.