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Coalition letter signatories
20 May 2021 | News

Ahead of the "Fit for 55", 50 organisations sign a letter asking the EU to step up its climate ambitions

Ahead of the European Council’s discussion on 25 May 2021 about the new climate and energy legislation (so called Fit for 55 Package), European businesses, investor groups, local and regional…
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EU emblem
21 Apr 2021 | News

EU commits to climate neutrality

On 21 April 2021, the EU reached an agreement on the European Climate Law and the 2050 climate neutrality target will be written into binding legislation. EiiF welcomes the binding agreement and is…
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26 Mar 2021 | News

New video: Energy efficiency starts with insulation

There is a significant energy savings and emissions mitigation potential related to improved insulation in industrial installations. This potential is currently untapped despite its being financially…
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02 Mar 2021 | News

EiiF Study 2021 is published and available for free download

On 1 March 2021, EiiF published its brand new study "The insulation contribution to decarbonise industry". The study is based on the findings from about 2.500 thermal energy audits, so called…
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TIPCHECK engineer brochure
31 Jan 2021 | Brochures


Become an EiiF-certified TIPCHECK engineer! Included in the TIPCHECK engineer licence are the following benefits: TBI-Software Annual Licence TIPCHECK calculator latest version and all…
B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency
22 Jan 2021 | News

EiiF joins the B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency

EiiF joins the B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency EiiF Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler has been invited to join the B20 Task Force for Energy & Resource Efficiency. The…
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European Council
11 Dec 2020 | News

EU Council endorses the proposal by the European Commission to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030

EiiF welcomes the EU Council’s decision to endorse the proposal by the European Commission to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030.  Industrial insulation is ready to deliver up to 10% of…
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10 Dec 2020 | Films

Why should your company join EiiF - new video on EiiF YouTube channel

"Help Europe get better climate through better insulation" Peter Hoedemaker, EiiF President There are many reasons to join the EiiF Membership Association. Strong voice in Europe, the TIPCHECK…
EiiF White Paper “Decarbonising Industry with Rapid Payback”
19 Oct 2020 | News

EiiF White Paper 2020: Industrial Insulation can deliver 10% to reach the EU’s 2030 energy efficiency target

EiiF issued today its White Paper “Decarbonising Industry with Rapid Payback”. The informative document with a reading time of only 10 minutes explains how mandatory requirements for industrial…
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16 Oct 2020 | News

EiiF Information Hour

On Friday 16 October 2020 EiiF organised an online Information Hour, introducing the Foundation and the people behind it, as well as presenting its ongoing projects and current actions. EiiF's…
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