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The one-valve example

Insulating ONE valve drives an electric car 20.000 km


Industrial processes are energy intensive                                           The TESLA example
To keep process temperatures in industry at high levels
(up to 600 °C and more), an intensive energy input to the
system is needed. High temperatures lead to high heat
losses on uninsulated equipment adding to an intensive
energy consumption of the system.

Typically uninsulated equipment
The TIPCHECK thermal energy audit experience shows
that valves and flanges in industrial plants are typically
uninsulated. The energy loss can be detected and
illustrated with infrared thermography.


                                                                                          The TESLA example
One uninsulated valve                                                  
Size: DN 150/6 inch
Temperature: 150 °C
Operational time: all year (8.760 hours)
Annual energy loss: 10.600 kWh


By insulating the valve 10.000 kWh can be saved
Transforming the saved 10.000 kWh thermal energy with a 40% thermodynamic efficiency into 4.000 kWh electric energy and using this to charge the battery of an electric car, one could drive more than 20.000 km.

The TESLA example