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Contents and methodology

Our courses are designed to give a competitive advantage: attendees gain the skills, knowledge, and insights to better understand the principles of heat loss calculations and the organisation of an EN 16247/ISO 50002 aligned and standardised thermal energy audit.

The training offers an inspiring and fruitful interaction with some of the best experts and technical insulation professionals: all courses are practical, and ‘hands-on’, taught by industry experts, in a collaborative and open environment enabling industry peers to exchange ideas and knowledge.

The trainings are normally organised at the Research Institute for Thermal Insulation in Munich (Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V. München) but the courses can be offered at other locations as well, with the support of EiiF Members. 


5-day training schedule
Monday to Friday  

FIW München Laboratories
Lochhamer Schlag 4
82166 Gräfelfing


The course offers a range of benefits including:

  • Face-to-face interactive training
  • Complete simulation of a TIPCHECK
  • Practical workshops
  • Small class sizes
  • Industry professionals as trainers
  • Checklists, guidelines and templates


Candidates who successfully complete the programme and pass the final exam receive 

  • Rights of use of the registered trademark TIPCHECK and TIPCHECK logo as well as the TIPCHECK Expert title

  • Personalised use of all EiiF Tools provided with the TIPCHECK certificate

  • Technical support and guidance

  • Participation in online training courses offered quarterly by the EiiF

  • Random quality checks by the EiiF

  • Regular online refresher trainings


1. About EiiF and TIPCHECK

2. TIPCHECK training & simulation

  • TIPCHECK marketing & sales
  • TIPCHECK execution and project management (EN 16247/ISO 50002)
  • How to measure (incl. an introduction to thermography)
  • How to calculate heat losses with the TIPCHECK calculator software
  • Rules of Thumb to quickly estimate saving potentials
  • How to write and present a TIPCHECK report

3. TIPCHECK insulation theory

  • Thermal conductivity and basic principles of heat loss calculations
  • Insulation materials and their application (overview)
  • Processes & components offering saving potentials

4. TIPCHECK TOOL introduction

  • TIPCHECK TOOL introduction
  • How to perform an inspection using the TIPCHECK TOOL
  • How to generate and present a TIPCHECK Report using the TIPCHECK TOOL

5. Guided tour: FIW München laboratories