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EiiF Members Know the Secret

General Assembly 2024
28 Jun 2024

See this group picture taken at our EiiF General Assembly in Paris.

Do you know why we all look so happy? It’s because we all already know the secret…

There is a game changing tool on its way to being published in Europe, which has the power to help industry to reduce 40 Mt of CO2 eq. every year for almost no cost. And don’t tell anyone, but this tool has already been pre-published in some countries in Europe.

In fact, we insulators call it a “no-brainer” that energy-efficient insulation delivers urgently needed benefits to industry: It reduces costs and CO2 eq. emissions, supports the energy transition and decarbonisation efforts, provides safety and better working conditions (less warm, less noisy, avoids ice build-up and more) and extends the lifetime of equipment.

  • But why are too many professionals still looking at technical insulation as a “necessary evil”?
  • Why has the impressive number of more than 3.000 TIPCHECKs changed this at individual plant level but not on a large scale?

The answer is simple: We first had to develop an independent, trusted and pragmatic tool to scale up the perception and standardize the implementation of technical insulation as one of the best available and most economic technologies for energy and production efficiency. This tool is currently translated from English to French and German, and the official publication date, as announced by the European authority, will be 28 November this year.

  • You don’t have time to wait until the end of the year?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we can help you already today: or +41 22 99 500 70.