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EiiF Foundation Board meeting

The first EiiF Foundation Board meeting of 2020 will take place on Friday the 13th March 2020 at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Open to the Foundation Board members only.


Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

10.00 – 10.30                Welcome and brief round of introduction

  • Approvals (of the agenda and the latest minutes)
  • Nomination of new Foundation Board Members
  • D&O Insurance for Board Members and Management


10.30 – 13.00                Information about the different EU initiatives and reporting on EiiF activities, discussion of next steps and milestone decision taking

  • Progress on updating Ecofys Study
  • Energy Efficiency First (general principle to be supported)
  • 40% energy efficiency target for 2030 (32,5% agreed)
  • Consistency in the law (aligning Industry with Building codes)
  • Industry Strategy
  • Energy Efficiency classes according to VDI 4610
  • IED/BREF – Industrial Insulation Template (text)
  • Climate Law (COP 26, Copenhagen, 9-19 November)
  • EED – Article 8
  • Industrial insulation could cut EU Emissions at least by 1% and 49 Mt CO2
  • Circular Economy Study for insulation

13.00 – 13.45                Lunch Break

13.45 – 16.00                Finances and Planning

  • Financial Statement 2019 and formal approval of the Board
  • Update on the TBI-App
  • Update on TBI-Inspection and TIPCHECK Programme
  • Certification Mark Registration “TIPCHECK” and/or EiiF
  • Update on Insulation KEYMARK QAC Secretariat
  • FESI Championship in s’Hertogenbosch (NL) Budget 2020
  • EiiF impact on Industrial Insulation Business
  • Internal Communication to EiiF Members
  • Discussion and decision on the dates and the location of the 2020 EiiF General Assembly