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EiiF Members
14 Jan 2022 |News

New EiiF membership option tailored for SMEs

From 2022 onwards, EiiF offers a new EiiF membership option which is tailored for smaller companies with up to 20 employees (= all staff members on a monthly payroll except apprentices and/or…
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05 Jan 2022 |News

National Fact Sheets 2021: Energy and CO₂ savings potential of industrial insulation

EiiF Fact Sheets show the total national energy savings and emissions reduction potential by improving insulation solutions in industry. The Fact Sheets are available for all 27 EU…
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EiiF White Paper 2021
04 Jan 2022 |News

EiiF White Paper 2021

EiiF issued today its 2021 White Paper “Decarbonising Industry with Rapid Payback", which explains how energy-efficient insulation systems will help industry reduce CO₂ costs and contribute…
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EiiF & Fit for 55 brochure
02 Jan 2022 |News

EiiF’s top 5 recommendations implemented in the Fit for 55 Package

Over the past years EiiF - the voice of industrial insulation in Brussels - has advocated strongly in public consultations, speeches and presentations, being interviewed by the European Commission…
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EiiF White Paper “Decarbonising Industry with Rapid Payback”
01 Jan 2022 |News

EiiF White Paper 2020: Industrial Insulation can deliver 10% to reach the EU’s 2030 energy efficiency target

EiiF issued today its White Paper “Decarbonising Industry with Rapid Payback”. The informative document with a reading time of only 10 minutes explains how mandatory requirements for industrial…
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TIPCHECK training course
12 Nov 2021 |News

EiiF's TIPCHECK network is growing!

After the TIPCHECK training course on 8 - 12 November 2021 at the FIW facilities in Munich, EiiF can now count 11 new TIPCHECK engineers and 1 new TIPCHECK ambassador in its TIPCHECK network.…
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TIPCHECK training course
10 Nov 2021 |News

The 23rd TIPCHECK training course is in progress in Munich

On 8 - 12 November, EiiF is organising a TIPCHECK training course at the FIW Munich facilities in Gräfelfing near Munich. 12 insulation experts from 9 different countries are participating in the…
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Il Sole 24 Ore article
20 Jul 2021 |News

EiiF mentioned in an article in Il Sole 24 Ore: English translation

Analysis by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF): If the industrial and production systems invested resources in thermal insulation, Italy would save 1.45 million tonnes of oil per…
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EiiF reaction to "Fit for 55" package
19 Jul 2021 |News

EiiF reaction to the "Fit for 55" package

The "Fit for 55" package by the European Commission was published on 14 July 2021, setting out legislative proposals to help the EU reach its ambitious climate targets: to reduce greenhouse gas…
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30 Jun 2021 |News

Open letter led by CLG Europe urges EU leaders to implement an ambitious Fit for 55 package

Two weeks before the EU announces its updated 2030 emissions reduction legislation, the ‘Fit for 55 package’ businesses and European & global business networks, are urging EU leaders to deliver…
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