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Official statement regarding the new TIPCHECK certification system

12 Oct 2023

In the past two years, we have witnessed a growing demand of TIPCHECK trainings, as the pressure to find and implement energy-efficient solutions in order to reduce energy consumption and production costs, and contribute to climate targets with lower CO2 emissions, is rising.

Driven by this market demand, and to better comply with stricter rules in certain countries regarding the use of the title “engineer”, EiiF made the decision in March 2023 to change the title “TIPCHECK engineer” to “TIPCHECK Expert” and to modify the TIPCHECK certification system. The certification system and the requirements were evaluated and approved by the EiiF Foundation Board, and the new certification system is now in force.

The new system, in line with other certification systems such as Thermography and the ISO 9712 for Non Destructive Testing methodologies, consists of 3 TIPCHECK Expert levels, which take into account the TIPCHECK final exam and the TIPCHECK experience of the candidate as well as his/her engagement in continuous learning offered by EiiF.

The trainings are also offered to asset owners for internal use, provided that criteria for participation are met. The TIPCHECK Corporate Expert certification does not offer different levels and it is limited to corporate use only (e.g., inspections in own plants).

More information on TIPCHECK trainings and the requirements for participation can be found online: