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NIAP 2nd 2023 meeting

NIAP meeting

In November 2020, sales & marketing experts from EiiF member companies were invited to the first EiiF NRRP Workshop. The aim was to create national task forces to present the idea to fund insulation projects with money from the National Resilience and Recovery Plans (NRRPs) to national governments. The project continued in 2021 and 5 online workshops took place in 2021.  

The workshops continued in 2022 but under a different name (NIAP: National Insulation Action Platform) which better describes the expanding scope and the actions by the national teams. Some national teams have been very active and successful; Team Austria, for example, has good contacts with the Austrian Energy Agency, the klimaaktiv programme managers and the Federal Ministry for Climate Action. Team Switzerland has planned to offer TBI-Workshops in their training centre in co-operation with EiiF and Team Germany supports the working group updating the German DIN 4140 in integrating the recommendation to insulate systems with at least energy class C. Team Poland is updating the PN-B-20105 standard and is working towards the publication of the standard. In the Netherlands, TIPCHECK is even incorporated in Dutch legislation programme “Onderzoeksplicht” (obligation to inspect with an insulation scan or by handing in a TIPCHECK audit not older than 2 years).

The second 2023 NIAP meeting is scheduled for 29 September 2023 from 10:00 until 11:30.

If you are interested in hearing more about the actions in different countries or if you would like to join the NIAP group, please send an email to