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September 2014
Kraków: host city for the next industrial insulation championship, conference and exhibition
The who is who of Europe’s insulation industry is expected to meet in Kraków, Poland, on 17-19 September. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend the 3 important insulation events taking place at the newly opened International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Kraków.

FESI Insulation Apprentice Championship 2014

Every two years, the European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors (FESI) organizes the Apprentice Competition in one of its member countries with the aim of promoting high standards and quality in insulation and cladding work and providing recognition of the quality of the craftsmanship of the competitors. This year, the championship will take place in Kraków (Poland) on 17-19 September. The national champions of all the 16 FESI member countries have been invited to participate in the competition.

4INSULATION International Trade Fair of Industrial Insulation

The 4INSULATION International Trade Fair will take place in Kraków, Poland, a country which has currently one of the biggest market potentials for insulation. Furthermore it is the first and only trade fair on industrial insulation in Eastern Europe, opening the door to its growing markets and serving as a platform to present latest products and services, share experiences and networking.

HEAT not LOST Conference

The HEAT not LOST Conference invites specialists to discuss, learn and cover issues such as energy efficiency powered by insulation, thermal insulation solutions for the energy sector and, last but not least, insulation system design and execution innovations.

All these events will gather professionals from the insulation industry as well as trainees in the profession. It will be a great opportunity for the decision makers from energy, chemical and petrochemical industries, energy auditors, conservators of insulation installations and machine parts and maintenance specialists to get to know the newest achievements in the industry and to establish fruitful business relations.

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