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EiiF - Mission of the foundation
(excerpt from the official deed)

Article 2 Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation engages itself, exclusively and irrevocably, on a non-profit basis for the deployment of sustainable insulation systems in industrial plants and in the industrial environment with the aim of saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and realizing the best possible noise and fire control systems. 

The primary task of the Foundation is to publicize the potential of sustainable insulation solutions with policy makers from the economic and political field and, through consultation as well as education and further training, to initiate the implementation of concrete projects. Here, energy-saving potentials as well as health aspects and work safety should be considered. 

This should be achieved through the following activities:

  • Carrying out and promotion of workshops, training, further training and education programmes as well as research projects
  • Coordination of activities that publicize and wish to promote insulation technology as an effective means of increasing energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions: communication, discussions, research, development, implementation
  • Organization of lectures and presentations as well as seminars, forums and debates
  • Evaluation and, if necessary, examination of insulation systems and insulation materials with regard to their effectiveness in increasing energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2  emissions taking into account health and environmental aspects
  • Publication of its own international scientific publications and other practical publications for everyday use as well as articles for suitable third-party publications
  • Commissioning of scientific institutes and/or experts with tasks in the sense of the Foundation’s purpose
  • Creation of a think tank for economy and policy
  • Cooperation with other national and international associations with similar objectives
  • Promotion of the young generation through organizational participation in international educational competitions and the allocation of scientific projects to junior scientists
  • Promotion of nature conservation and environmental protection

The Foundation is an independent and non-profit initiative. It follows direct, unlimited and continuous non-profit purposes and devotes capital and profit irrevocably to these purposes. It has no pecuniary reward and does not aim for profit. 

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