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:: Deed
EiiF - Deed of the foundation
(excerpt from the official deed)


Article 1 Name, Headquarters and Duration

Under the name of “European Industrial Insulation Foundation”, an independent foundation in the sense of Article 80 ff. of the ZGB [Swiss Civil Code] exists with headquarters in Gland.

The headquarters of the Foundation can be moved to another location in Switzerland through a resolution by the Foundation Board and with the agreement of the regulating authority.

The duration of the Foundation is unlimited.

Article 2 Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation engages itself, exclusively and irrevocably, on a non-profit basis for the deployment of sustainable insulation systems in industrial plants and in the industrial environment with the aim of saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and realizing the best possible noise and fire control systems. 

The primary task of the Foundation is to publicize the potential of sustainable insulation solutions with policy makers from the economic and political field and, through consultation as well as education and further training, to initiate the implementation of concrete projects. Here, energy-saving potentials as well as health aspects and work safety should be considered.  

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TIPCHECK Course (in English) Munich (Germany)
13-17 May 2019
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