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The role of the TIPCHECK ambassador

Within the framework of its TIPCHECK Programme, the EiiF organizes trainings aimed at enhancing the skills of sales-related representatives, so called TIPCHECK ambassadors.

A TIPCHECK ambassador is thus a sales talent who is in direct contact with the insulation client:

  • project managers
  • branch managers
  • marketing and communication specialists
  • sales representatives
  • etc.

Download the complete brochure:

Want to become part of the TIPCHECK team? Contact the EiiF office >
or email us directly at tipcheck [at] eiif.org

TIPCHECK - and all of its derivates - is a registered trademark. A TIPCHECK audit may only be carried out by certified TIPCHECK engineers. If you should notice abuse of any kind, please immediately contact the authorities and the EiiF main office at tipcheck [at] eiif.org >

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