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:: Organisation Chart
EiiF Boards & Committees

Executive Committee

Dominique Frugier
Saint-Gobain Isover
Michele Mannucci
Termisol Termica Srl 
Frank Baur
Bernard Vercaemst
Ipcom NV
Frank Ove Larsen
Rockwool Technical Insulation
Foundation Director
Andreas Gürtler
Tobias Zaers   

Founding President

Peter Hoedemaker 
The honorary title of Founding President was conferred on Peter Hoedemaker in 2017 by the Members of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation expressing their gratitude for initiating the Foundation in 2009 and his great dedication to EiiF.                                                              


Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is composed of representatives from the 12 Founding Partners:


Dominique Frugier
Saint-Gobain Isover

Michele Mannucci
Termisol Termica Srl

Frank Ove Larsen
Rockwool Technical Insulation
Bernd van Husen
Armacell International GmbH

Kevin J Quinn 
Cape plc

Tobias Zaers

Arjan Bakx
Hertel BV

Nikolaus Odenwald

Frank Ergeerts   
Pittsburgh Corning Europe - Foamglas

Membership Board

The Membership Board is composed of the Foundation Board representatives plus all Premium Members representatives. That is:

Frank Baur   

Bernard Vercaemst   
Ipcom NV

Andreas Gürtler   

Frank Richter
Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH

Paul Willems
Kingspan Insulation NV

Gwenael Guillemot

Knauf Insulation Europe

Karl-Heinz Schöpf  
Lindner Isoliertechnik & Isolierservice GmbH

Hartmut Bachmann   
Novisol AG

Orhan Turan

Antti Laine
Paroc Oy Ab

Alessandro Argelli
Promat S.p.A.

Lorenzo Cimmino

S.A.I.T. S.p.A.

Michel Jacobs  
SIG Mainland Europe

* Plus the above-mentioned Foundation Board representatives

If you want to get in touch with a member of the board, please contact our main office >

:: News
Titeltekst New TIPCHECK engineers on board!

Registration for the German TIPCHECK training in February is now open
Titeltekst EiiF receives Best Presentation Award

of the 12th Global Insulation Conference, Exhibition and Awards.
Titeltekst New TIPCHECK engineers on board!

Registration for the TIPCHECK training in November is now open
Titeltekst 3D Meets Thermography

Ambitious TIPCHECK University Research Programme funded by the German Government
Titeltekst Energy Efficiency First

EU Commission publishes “Clean Energy For All Europeans’ Package”.
Titeltekst August 2016

EiiF Newsletter - Summer Issue
Titeltekst May 2016

TIPCHECK engineers will exhibit at IEX in Cologne
Titeltekst April 2016

Thermal Insulation: Making a Global Difference
Titeltekst December 2015

Industrial insulation ready to deliver significant contributions to the Energy Union and the Paris Climate Deal goal
Titeltekst November 2015

Industrial insulation ready to deliver significant contributions to the Energy Union
Titeltekst September 2015

Energy and CO2 savings potential of industrial insulation in the Netherlands
Titeltekst August 2015

Industry is unnecessarily wasting energy and losing money every minute it is operating
Titeltekst June 2015

Potential energy and CO2 savings of industrial insulation materials in the EU
Titeltekst May 2015

The Plant's New Clothes
Titeltekst April 2015

Efficient insulation in industry ready to deliver the missing 1% to EU targets
Titeltekst February 2015

Ways to Drive More Finance for Energy Efficiency Investments
Titeltekst January 2015

2014 - a successful year for EiiF
Titeltekst October 2014

Energy Efficiency: Going Beyond Energy Savings
IEA publishes the multiple benefits of Energy Efficiency
Titeltekst September 2014

Kraków: host city for the next industrial insulation championship, conference and exhibition
Titeltekst July 2014

Industrial insulation high on the EU’s energy security agenda
Titeltekst May 2014

Paybacks in less than a year: national reports on the cost savings potential of industrial insulation
Titeltekst February 2014

First TIPCHECK refresher training & First Senior TIPCHECK engineers
Titeltekst January 2014

Roundatble on national advocacy promoting industrial insulation in the context of the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive
Titeltekst December 2013

Roundtable on Industrial Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Titeltekst November 2013

Insulation could save industry €3.5 billion a year
Titeltekst September 2013

Successful TIPCHECK training in Munich
Titeltekst June 2013

EU Energy Efficiency Target for 2020 Out of Reach
Titeltekst January 2013

EiiF joins CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum “Energy Management”
:: Agenda
General Assembly & Foundation Board Meeting Roermond (The Netherlands)
22-23 November 2017
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