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New TIPCHECK engineers on board!
And still some places left for the TIPCHECK training in June!

The EiiF congratulates 9 new TIPCHECK engineers who passed the test and received their certificate on 4-7 April 2017. And wishes them a lot of success with their first TIPCHECKs!

  • Dirk Behring (Kaimann GmbH)
  • Tom Franke (KAEFER Montage GmbH, Standort Hannover)
  • Mathilde Honsik (Honsik Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall- u. Branddämmungen Gesellschaft m.b.H.)
  • Peter Honsik (Honsik Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall- u. Branddämmungen Gesellschaft m.b.H.)
  • Mirko Mentil (Novisol AG)
  • Thomas Mospak (Novisol AG)
  • Alexander Norder (Thermatras B.V.)
  • Philipp Schölzel (Lindner Isoliertechnik & Industrieservice GmbH)

Furthermore, the Foundation has already organized 2 online Refresher courses this year, enlarging the list of Senior TIPCHECK engineers up to 12:

  • Stefan Debold (G+H Isolierung GmbH)
  • Holger Fürst (KAEFER)
  • Heino Gustävel (KAEFER)
  • Tino Leonhardt (G+H Isolierung GmbH)
  • Luis López Brunner (EiiF)
  • Jochen Maluck (G+H Isolierung GmbH)
  • Michele Mannucci (Termisol Termica Srl)
  • David Maurer (G+H Isolierung GmbH)
  • Thomas Ortlieb (G+H Isolierung GmbH)
  • Andreas Regel (Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions)
  • Stephan Reichinger (Rockwool Technical Insulation)
  • Peter Stulen (Hertel Group)

One of the requirements for becoming a TIPCHECK engineer is to participate in a refresher course every three years, thus engineers refresh and update their knowledge and share their TIPCHECK experiences and know-how.

Likewise, at the end of this Refresher course, they can become Senior TIPCHECK engineers if they have executed at least two large TIPCHECK audits/reports or five small TIPCHECK audits/reports.

Moreover, to become a Senior TIPCHECK engineer has no extra costs, since the certification as Senior and the participation in the refresher trainings is already included in the annual TIPCHECK licence fee.

Not a TIPCHECK engineer yet?

Still some places left for the TIPCHECK training in June!

Join us in Munich (Germany) on 20-23 June (in English) and learn how to perform standardized high quality thermal energy audits and to get your TIPCHECK engineer certification.

The course consists of three and a half days training with both theoretical and practical lessons, including a training session in the FIW München research laboratories and a full TIPCHECK simulation.

Furthermore, all TIPCHECK engineers get a license to use the TIPCHECK calculation software. Almost all materials from our member companies can easily be imported into the TIPCHECK calculator, which also provides the function to calculate heat losses based on the measured surface temperatures.

Check if you meet the requirements for becoming a TIPCHECK engineer and register now!

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TIPCHECK Course (in English) Munich (Germany)
20-23 June 2017
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