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May 2016
TIPCHECK engineers will exhibit at IEX in Cologne

The EiiF will offer its booth to active TIPCHECK engineers wishing to present their TIPCHECK activities to the professional visitors of the IEX trade held on 11-12 May in Cologne.

A total of 6 slots will be assigned amongst applicants according to availability (3 per day; morning, midday, afternoon). TIPCHECK engineers who have carried out more than 3 TIPCHECKs and would like to apply for a slot, please contact us by email (tipcheck@eiif.org) or phone (+41 22 99 500 -70).

Don’t miss this opportunity to market your TIPCHECK services from the EiiF pool position to the wide range of experts visiting IEX Europe.

Don’t forget that 3 out of 4 TIPCHECK audits are leading to an insulation investment, whilst delivering Competitiveness, Safety and Rapid Payback to your clients and Energy Savings, Energy Security and CO2 Emissions Reductions to all of us and the planet.

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