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May 2014
Paybacks in less than a year: national reports on the cost savings potential of industrial insulation
| Brussels, 8 May 2014 | The European Industrial Insulation Foundation has published the latest figures on the cost and energy savings potential of industrial insulation in 7 European countries.

The 7 country specific factsheets identify the yearly potentials of industrial insulation in terms of energy saved (in PJ) and emission reduction (in Mt CO2) in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. They also address the crucial topics of finance and payback outlining the initial investments needed to tap the potential and the millions of euros of return that could be saved by industry every year.

The savings potential of industrial insulation is large and exists across all regions and sectors.

The factsheets are based on the Ecofys report “Climate protection with rapid payback”. In 2012 the report had already identified a European industrial insulation annual energy savings potential of 620 PJ (equivalent to the energy consumption of 10 million households) and an annual CO2 reductions potential of 49 Mt (equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 18 million cars). Payback times for investments to tap into these large potentials are very rapid and usually less than 1 year.

“European industry is losing energy and money every day. Industrial insulation is one of the most cost effective solutions available on the market to reduce energy consumption, mitigate the impact of spiking energy costs and enhance the global competitiveness of European industry. It is a business opportunity that no industry with large energy using facilities should ignore” said EiiF Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler.

National factsheets available here

Report: Climate protection with rapid payback, June 2012

Press Release - For immediate Release available here

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