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February 2014
First TIPCHECK refresher training & First Senior TIPCHECK engineers

On 6 and 7 February, the EiiF organized the first TIPCHECK refresher training for TIPCHECK engineers at FIW M√ľnchen Laboratories, in Munich (Germany).

The EiiF congratulates the first Senior TIPCHECK engineers who attended the course and received their certificate!

One of the requirements for becoming a TIPCHECK engineer is to participate in a refresher course every three years, thus engineers refresh and update their knowledge and share their TIPCHECK experiences and know-how.

Likewise, at the end of this two-days training, they have the opportunity to become Senior TIPCHECK engineers. The minimum requirements to receive the Senior TIPCHECK engineer certificate are:

  • Possess an existing and valid TIPCHEK engineer certification.
  • Successful participation in a refresher training.
  • Proven TIPCHECK activity: At least two (larger) TIPCHECK audits/reports or five smaller TIPCHECK audits/reports.

All TIPCHECK engineers who fulfil the above-mentioned requirements receive a Senior TIPCHECK engineer certificate and are listed as "Senior" on the TIPCHECK engineer list.

Good to know:
To become a Senior TIPCHECK engineer has no extra costs, since the certification as Senior and the participation in the refresher trainigs is already included in the annual TIPCHECK licence fee.

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