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Besides its Partners and Members, EiiF cooperates with the following institutes, initiatives and organisations:


The Confederation of German Construction Industry is the umbrella organization of the German building sector, comprising 13 national associations and several professional associations. It represents the interests of 4,000 large and medium-sized companies, and within this about 95 % of the industrial insulation contractors turnover in the German construction industry.


DENEFF unites frontrunner companies in the field of energy efficiency to collectively represent their political interests for an effective and ambitious energy efficiency regulation in Germany – great networking opportunities included.


Ecofys offers research and consultancy services as well as product development. EiiF asked them to make a study on the energy saving potential for the European industry.


The Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (“EEFIG”) was established as a specialist expert working group by the European Commission and United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (“UNEP FI”), in late 2013, as a result of the dialogue between Directorate-General for Energy (“DG Energy”) and UNEP FI, as both institutions were engaging with financial institutions to determine how to overcome the well documented challenges inherent to obtaining long-term financing for energy efficiency.


Eurima is the European Insulation Manufacturers Association and represents the interests of all major mineral wool producers throughout Europe. Its members manufacture a wide range of mineral wool products (glass and stone wool) for the thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection of domestic, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

European Alliance to Save Energy

The ASE is a global group of organisations that come together to create a more energy efficient world.


As a professional association, the FDBR forms a community of organisations and contractors for industrial steam boilers, vessel and pipeline constructions.


The Research Center for Energy Economics (FfE) is a non-profit organization with members representing the disciplines of Energy Technology and Utilization, Industry, Science and Administration as well as private individuals (approximately 150 members). The FfE was established as a neutral scientific research institute, having no preference for any source of competitive energy carrier. The organization employs a scientific approach to address issues concerning power engineering, energy technology and economy and their impacts on our environment. With a staff of about 20 employees, the FfE is one of a few institutes to perform detailed metrological analyses in both laboratories and field tests. It evaluates the test results with a view to improve the practical aspects of theoretical and statistical system analyses.

FIW München

Today the FIW München is a modern research establishment and also a notified body accredited by the European commission for surveillance and certification of thermal insulation materials and building components. The scope of services comprises testing of thermal insulation products of buildings to industrial installations and deals with all question about heat and moisture protection.


The IEA is an autonomous organisation which works to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 29 member countries and beyond. The IEA has four main areas of focus: energy security, economic development, environmental awareness and engagement worldwide.


NIA is a not-for-profit trade association representing both the merit (open shop) and union contractors, distributors, laminators, fabricators, and manufacturers that provide thermal insulation, insulation accessories, and components to the commercial, mechanical, and industrial markets throughout the United States.


The Sector Forum 'Energy Management' was created in 2006 as a joint CEN and CENELEC platform. The creation of this Sector Forum was one of the recommendations of the CEN-CENELEC BT Joint Working Group on Energy Management (2002 - 2005) which in its final report identified a series of standardization priorities in the field of energy management and advised to create a platform to develop a common general strategy for the improvement of energy efficiency standardization.


The association of German Engineers (VDI) is one of the largest technical-scientific associations in Europe.
This text is on their latest insulation standards > (in German)


        WVIS is a German interests organisation of industrial services companies.

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Titeltekst New TIPCHECK engineers on board!

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EiiF joins CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum “Energy Management”
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TIPCHECK Course (in German) Munich (Germany)
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