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  • Access to the TIPCHECK Programme
Get your engineers trained and certified as TIPCHECK engineers, benefit from the TIPCHECK calculator software and enhance your energy efficiency sales skills.
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  • Connect with Europe’s leading insulation companies
Become part of the EiiF network, participate in meetings, roundtables, events, projects and working groups, and share experiences and good business practices with insulation stakeholders.
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  • Benefit from EiiF research and communication
Be regularly informed on the latest developments regarding relevant regulations at EU level: Energy Efficiency Directive, ISO standards, 2030 targets, BREF documents, etc.

  • Promote your insulation energy efficiency service
Being an EiiF Member shows that you act responsibly, with vision and expertise and that your insulation company provides a Best Available Technology (BAT) increasing the energy efficiency of industrial processes.

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:: News
Titeltekst EiiF presented at eceee’s Industrial Efficiency 2018

How motivation and digitalisation can drive behaviour change in industry
Titeltekst German ZDB Team wins the FESI Championship 2018

10 two-person teams from 9 different European countries competed in the Championship
Titeltekst EiiF receives Best Presentation Award

of the 12th Global Insulation Conference, Exhibition and Awards.
Titeltekst New TIPCHECK engineers on board!

Registration for the TIPCHECK training in November is now open
Titeltekst 3D Meets Thermography

Ambitious TIPCHECK University Research Programme funded by the German Government
Titeltekst Energy Efficiency First

EU Commission publishes “Clean Energy For All Europeans’ Package”.
Titeltekst December 2015

Industrial insulation ready to deliver significant contributions to the Energy Union and the Paris Climate Deal goal
Titeltekst November 2015

Industrial insulation ready to deliver significant contributions to the Energy Union
Titeltekst September 2015

Energy and CO2 savings potential of industrial insulation in the Netherlands
Titeltekst August 2015

Industry is unnecessarily wasting energy and losing money every minute it is operating
Titeltekst June 2015

Potential energy and CO2 savings of industrial insulation materials in the EU
Titeltekst January 2015

2014 - a successful year for EiiF
Titeltekst October 2014

Energy Efficiency: Going Beyond Energy Savings
IEA publishes the multiple benefits of Energy Efficiency
Titeltekst September 2014

Kraków: host city for the next industrial insulation championship, conference and exhibition
Titeltekst July 2014

Industrial insulation high on the EU’s energy security agenda
Titeltekst December 2013

Roundtable on Industrial Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Titeltekst November 2013

Insulation could save industry €3.5 billion a year
Titeltekst September 2013

Successful TIPCHECK training in Munich
:: Agenda
TIPCHECK Course (in English) Munich (Germany)
25-29 June 2018
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