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:: Certified engineers
TIPCHECK engineers
Reducing energy loss and emissions

The following engineers have been TIPCHECK certified.

TIPCHECK engineers are trained and qualified by EiiF to ensure high quality thermal energy audits focusing on the thermal performance of insulation systems and to identify their savings potential (Energy, CO2 emissions, money).

If you are interested in a TIPCHECK, or wish to have more information about the programme, please contact the EiiF office.

Note: Senior TIPCHECK engineers are listed in bold.

Certified TIPCHECK engineers

Download the complete PDF list of engineers here >

Surname Name Company
Debold Stefan G+H Isolierung GmbH
Fürst Holger KAEFER 
Gustävel Heino KAEFER 
Leonhardt Tino G+H Isolierung GmbH
López Brunner Luis EiiF
Maluck Jochen G+H Isolierung GmbH
Mannucci Michele Termisol Termica Srl
Maurer David G+H Isolierung GmbH
Ortlieb Thomas G+H Isolierung GmbH
Regel Andreas Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions
Reichinger Stephan Rockwool Technical Insulation
Stulen Peter Hertel Group
Arnold Michael G+H Isolierungen Leipzig GmbH
Arakkapadan Albert Johny CAPE EAST LIMITED
Azmi Azanie  ROCKWOOL Asia
Bagnoli Matteo Termisol Termica Srl
Bajarskas Liutauras Paroc
Batsch York-Alexander KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Behring Dirk Kaimann GmbH
Blakey Michael KAEFER
Boons Yves  Saint-Gobain Isover 
Brachmanski Steve L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX 
Bravi Mattia Isolfin
Briard Daniel Ouvaroff
Calle González Marcos KAEFER
Calvo Perez David Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH
Cazzaniga Emanuele Riva & Mariani Group S.p.A
Chmielarski Jarema Armacell
Cimmino Lorenzo S.A.I.T. S.p.A.
De Moor Jan KAEFER Belgium NV
Diepvens  Rudi  Pittsburgh Corning
Dietrichkeit Jörg KAEFER 
Dinda Debapratim  ROXUL - ROCKWOOL Insulation India Pvt. Ltd. 
Dobosz Michal Multiserwis Sp z o. o. (Bilfinger)
Draxler Markus Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH
Ergec Emir Gulf Perlite LLC
Ferreira da Silva Kaisler TERMICA Solutions Engenharia Ltda.
Fischer Jens KAEFER
Franke Tom KAEFER
Fritsch Falko Novisol GmbH
García-Blanco Baeza Alberto Saint-Gobain Isover 
Gollenstede Gerd KAEFER 
Güldner Thomas Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH
Hanman Victoria KAEFER 
Hogenboom Johan  Bilfinger Industrial Services
Hohl Manuel Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH
Hołdowski Wojciech  Rockwool Technical Insulation
Honsik Peter Honsik Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall- u. Branddämmungen Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Honsik Mathilde Honsik Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall- u. Branddämmungen Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Janko Marc G+H Isolierung GmbH
Kara Rico KAEFER
Kermann Karlheinz  Kermann Isolierungen GmbH
Kotwas Robert Paroc
Koverdynsky Vit Saint-Gobain Isover
Krause René G+H Isolierung GmbH
Kristensson Mats Saint-Gobain Sweden AB, Isover
Laine Antti  Paroc
Leschzyk Sascha Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH
Lisowski Adam KAEFER
Lodde Ben KAEFER Nederland B.V.
Maajarvi Juuso Kymppi Group Oy 
Madár Mihály Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH
Manzano Zahínos Manuela  Saint-Gobain Isover 
Martin-Bellet Fabrice Rockwool Technical Insulation
Mentil  Mirko Novisol AG
Mieldazys Redas  KAEFER
Mitchell Gavin Cape PLC
Moisand Benjamin Saint-Gobain ISOVER
Mosch Emil Wiko Isolatietechniek BV
Mospak  Thomas  Novisol AG
Nadar Vimal Paul ROXUL - ROCKWOOL Insulation India Pvt. Ltd. 
Norder Alexander Thermatras B.V. 
Novikov Maxim Saint-Gobain Construction Products RUS LLC
Orta Martínez Juan José Saint-Gobain Isover
Pagin Roberto C.T.M. Termodeco S.p.A.
Powell Michael Pittsburgh Corning Europe
Quinn Kevin Cape Industrial Services Limited
Rauch Klaus Hertel Group
Richards Tony Rockwool Technical Insulation
Rosendahl Michael Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH
Rossi Philippe ELIT
Russell Gareth Cape PLC
Satka Lasse Paroc
Schölzel Philipp Lindner Isoliertechnik & Industrieservice GmbH
Semercioglu Salih Hertel Group
Sentjens Johan Temati
Sierat Sam Hertel Group
Smout Luk Pittsburgh Corning Europe
Springer Patrick Novisol AG
Srettiwat Nattapol  ROCKWOOL (Thailand) Limited
Tanneberger Michael G+H Isolierung GmbH
Tecchiato Antonio KAEFER
Terzi Fabio Riva & Mariani Group S.p.A
Treanor Craig Paroc
Usanmaz Serdar  Wrede & Niedecken GmbH - G+H Isolierung GmbH
Valery Chiara S.i.co.i S.A.S
van Engelenhoven Edward Saint-Gobain ISOVER
Venturini Matteo Riva & Mariani Group S.p.A
Verdickt Nicolaas G+H Montage nv
Wald Andreas Knauf Insulation GmbH
Willems Paul Kingspan Insulation NV
Yujaroen Pornpen ROCKWOOL (Thailand) Limited
Zaccaria  Leonardo  Termisol Termica S.r.l.
Zapparoli Andrea Promat S.p.A.
Ziarna René G+H Isolierung GmbH
Ziebell Christopher G+H Isolierung GmbH

Reach the TIPCHECK Programme by email through tipcheck [at] eiif.org >
TIPCHECK - and all of its derivates - is a registered trademark. A TIPCHECK audit may only be carried out by certified TIPCHECK engineers. If you should notice abuse of any kind, please immediately contact the authorities and the EiiF main office attipcheck [at] eiif.org >

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TIPCHECK Course (in German) Munich (Germany)
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